Cannabis Ruderalis 

Day Neutral  - Autoflower


Days to seed emergence: 2-4 

Days to maturity: 75 (summer) - 95 (winter) 

Best time to plant: 

  • Fully outdoors: After last frost date -12 weeks before first frost date

    • Can use remay when they are young to protect in an emergency but its not ideal

  • Under hoops: 2 weeks before last frost date - 8 weeks before first frost date

    • Can use remay when they are young to protect in an emergency but its not ideal

  • Night time lows ideally above 50 degrees and no lower than 45 degrees

Transplanted - Recommended plants per:

  • Acre  - 15,000-20,000 plants

  • 10,000 square feet - 3400 - 4600 plants


Direct Sow - Recommended plants per:

  • Acre  - 20,000-25,000 seeds

  • 10,000 square feet - 4000 - 5000 seeds


Per acre yields (total flower biomass)

Below average 2000 lbs/acre

Average: 3000 lbs/acre

Above average: 4000 lbs/acre

Excellent: >5000 lbs/acre


Growing preferences:

C. Ruderalis prefers long, dry, and sunny days. During establishment the plant requires regular watering to maintain even moisture and prevent the plants from drying out. Early applications of a balanced vegetative feeding program are critical to developing a well branched, large plant. The goal is to create as many flowering sites as possible within 3-5 weeks of growth, at which point they will begin to show signs of flowering. At this time it is best to maintain a strong vegetative feeding program and begin to slowly introduce more phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients to prepare for the plants reproductive (flowering) phase. The plants should continue to grow quickly and stack up flower sites from weeks 3-8. During Weeks 8-12 the flowering sites will bulk up and become dense, especially at the very end of the cycle. It is important to let the plants finish and fully mature before harvesting to maximize the biomass yield and cannabinoid content of the crop. 


Plants that grow during the summer when the days are long, warm, and sunny will ripen and be ready to harvest faster than in the winter where the shorter and colder days with less light can add an extra 10-20 days on the time to harvest. These plants have a strong appetite for light! The more light they receive, the faster they grow and come to maturity. True autoflowering plants can come to maturity even under a 24 hour daytime light cycle (no darkness/night). Weak, low watt lighting typically used to keep clone plants “vegging” will not speed up the growth of autoflower plants or prevent them from flowering.


Common plant spacing 

  • Field planted (spacing is based on center to center -> tractor wheel spacing)

    • 1 row on a 30’’ bed 

      • 12’’ a part in row -> 17,424 plants per acre

      • 16’’ a part in a row -> 13,068 plants per acre

    • 3 rows on a 60’’ bed 

      • 12’’ apart in row -> 26,136 plants per acre

      • 18’’ apart in row -> 17,424 plants per acre

    • 2 rows on a 60’’ bed

      • 12’’ a part in row -> 17,424 plants per acre

      • 16’’ a part in row -> 13,068 plants per acre

    • 1 row on a 40'' bed

      • 12'' apart in row​ - 13,068 plants per acre

    • 2 rows on a 40'' bed

      • 12'' apart in row​ - 26,136 plants per acre


  • Raised Garden bed or greenhouse planted in pots

    • 18’’ on center (offset planting)

      • On a 100’ X 5’ bed that would be ~222 plants



Frequently Asked Questions:


Do we sell sample packs?



What is your minimum order Size?

Minimum order is 1000 seeds


Can you transplant Autoflower plants?

Yes but it must be done properly! The most common mistake made is when the seedlings grow in the tray for too long. Best results are when plans are transplanted into the field 7 to 10 days after sowing. It is imperative to use a tray that makes it easy to pull the plants out at 7-10 days. At Coastal Star Cannabis Nursery we use Growcoon trays, which are very easy to transplant and have proven to give us the best results over other competitors (ellepot, ihort, etc). Autoflower seedlings have a sensitive root system and if plants stay in a tray for too long they will shock upon transplanting. Overgrown seedlings will undoubtedly initiate flowering before they have time to establish a plant with sufficient branching. 


Can you direct sow the seeds into the ground?

Directly sowing the seeds in the ground can work as well but needs to be done with the proper equipment, soil type, and watering system. Pelletizing seed can aid in the germination of directly sown seeds. Direct sowing is not recommended for first time growers.


What is the typical total biomass yield per plant? 

2-6 oz. 


What percent of the biomass yield will I be able to trim?

25-50% depending on several factors. 

  1. Variety

  2. Time of year planted

  3. Overall growing conditions

  4. Harvest timing


What is the difference in how Autoflower and normal clone varieties grow?

Autoflowering or Day Neutral Cannabis varieties initiate their reproductive (flowering) phase of growth regardless of daylength. Clonally propagated varieties of C. Indica and C. Sativa are short day plants that require 12 hours of darkness to initiate their reproductive (flowering) phase. 


How long does it take from Seed for Autoflower plants to come to harvest?

Our Autoflower varieties take approximately 75 to 90 days depending on the variety of time of year. Generally, during the summer months with higher light intensity the crops finish faster and on the shoulder seasons in the early spring and late fall it will take an extra 10 - 20 days for the crop to come to full maturity.


What percent THC do your Autoflower varieties have?

Usually between 16-20% THC. Click here for COAs on our 3 bears OG strain. We can provide more COAs upon request.


What do I when you receive your Autoflower Transplants?

Feed them with a low strength balanced solution EC 1.2-1.4 and get them planted as soon as possible! It is best to get the plants into the field or final pot size when the plants are 7-10 days old. Every day the plants sit in the tray beyond 10 days can reduce yield by 5% per day.

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